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black collection | eau de perfume
black collection | eau de perfume
black collection | eau de perfume
black collection | eau de perfume
black collection | eau de perfume
black collection | eau de perfume
black collection | eau de perfume
black collection | eau de perfume
black collection | eau de perfume
black collection | eau de perfume
black collection | eau de perfume
black collection | eau de perfume

black collection | eau de perfume


Olfactive Studio is an encounter between contemporary artistic photography and perfumery; between the eye and the nose. this is the first time ever that perfumers have teamed up with photographers to draw inspiration from their oeuvres. They sense the images to capture their essence.

photography and perfume capture the moment and rekindle the memory of past experiences. Imagining a sensorial, intimate, and poetic relationship between images and scents is to reconcile temporal spaces.

«perfumer’s proofs», born out of the spontaneous and free emotions of perfume creators who have carte blanche when it comes to photography, prove to be genuine olfactory concepts. these original, never-smelled-before olfactory creations with strong personalities are made with very beautiful raw materials and come in eau de parfum versions (12 to 18%) or extraits de parfum (20%) without price constraints. elegant and unconventional modernity emanates from this wonderful alchemy. Olfactive Studio has designed an exceptional olfactory world with a powerful and distinctive personality; a world of intuitions and emotions; a world designed for women, men, and all others. perfumes are angels; they have no gender, but they have a soul.


flash back

a memory in motion + in action: that is also the magic + the raison d’être of flash back. a tangy + vibrant fragrance, flash back is an olfactory reminiscence: tangy + slightly green rhubarb mixed with hesperides revives an enveloping childhood smell: that of rhubarb tart. a base note of vetiver + cedar give it woody sensuality.

rhubarb, grapefruit, orange
pink pepper, granny smith apple
vetiver, cedar, amber, musks

perfumer : Olivier Cresp @ Firmenich.  

photographer : Laurent Segretier

flash back in new york 

the element of surprise is one of the city’s trademarks. at once exuberant + full of contrasts, Flash Back in New York starts with an energetic blend of cumin, saffron, + sage. the first wave of emotion segues into a captivating heart note to the beat of violet + jasmine + a note of tuscan leather that lends warmth to the composition. the fragrance swiftly evolves into a slow + graceful movement toward a warm woody + addictive accord of smoked birch, papyrus + vetiver.

cumin, clary sage, white linen, saffron
violet, tuscan leather, jasmine
birch smoke, papyrus, vetiver, tonic bean 
perfumer : Jérôme Epinette @Robertet

photographer : Vivienne Gucwa

still life 

a sparkling and festive perfume, Still Life is a celebration of life! a surprising and luminous perfume that invites you to celebrate in style with a whirlwind of exotic cocktails. the brilliance of Japanese Yuzu, accompanied by a cocktail infusion of rare peppers, rum and warm woods. a stark contrast between ever present freshness and comforting, warm notes. a woody citrus fragrance of contrasts, energetic and alive!
yuzu, elemi, pink / black / sichuan pepper
star anise, galbanum
dark rum, cedarwood, ambrox

perfumer : Dora Baghriche @ Firmenich
photographer : Frédéric Lebain


still life in rio

while the art of light shines through this new creation, this sunny perfume is best described in terms of starlight, the primeval flicker. exotic + luminous, Still Life in Rio is a new + unique scent that opens with yuzu, ginger, mint + lemon essence. it blossoms + heats up with a blend of peppers, Jamaican hot peppers + coconut water, finishing with rum + Brazilian Copaiba essences.

yuzu, ginger, mint, lemon, mandarin
jamaican hot peppers, pink / black pepper, coconut water
rum, brazilian copaiba, accord of white leather

perfumer : Dora Baghriche @ Firmenich

photographer : Flávio Veloso



green + wild, Panorama is the perfume of an urban jungle, an interplay of original combinations, like this surprising accord of hot + spicy wasabi.

when notes of myrrh spring up among other warm + bewitching resin-based notes, an incredible contrast emerges with elegance. a full-bodied, generous + unexpected composition, Panorama opens up the olfactory imagination.

wasabi accord, fig leaf, bamboo leaf, bergamot, lemon
galbanum, cardamom, violet leaf, fresh cut grass
myrrh absolute, fir balsam, patchouli, tonic bean, vanilla, musk, labdanum

perfumer : Clément Gavarry @ IFF

photographerMiguel Sandinha


lumière blanche

a mild + enveloping perfume, Lumière Blanche is a comforting cocoon, between milky mildness + cold spices. it evokes the sweltering heat from the sun at the zenith, which erases colors, leaving only a blinding white hue; it surprises with its spicy freshness. for its creator, “Lumière Blanche is a fragrance with beautifully contrasting hot + cold notes”; a whirlwind of light + freshness followed by milky mildness + a distinct, warm + sensual end note.

cardamom, star anise, cinnamon
iris, almond milk, cashmere wood
cedarwood, sandalwood, tonka bean, white musks

perfumer : Sidonie Lancesseur @ Robertet 


an intimate + deep perfume, Autoportrait is a fragrance you wear for yourself, resonating with your own personal harmony. a companion, a reflection of yourself, familiar + warm, in which you rediscover your own spirit + inner serenity. the soul of woody notes laid bare. a soothing dose of nature + enveloping resin. breathtaking in the deliberate unveiling of its many facets, the essence of Autoportrait is truly revealed in its sillage... absolutely addictive!

bergamot, elemi
benzoin siam, incense, musks
oakmoss, cedarwood, vetiver

perfumer : Nathalie Lorson @ Firmenich

photographer : Luc Lapotre 

woody mood

bewitching + intense, Woody Mood features strong tones that echo the immensity of the giant sequoias.

one approaches this fragrance the same way the mysterious heroine does the forest. a clearing, a hypnotic light that summons curiosity: bright notes of bergamot + ginger lead the way, then an accord of sequoia, black tea, incense, + Jatamansi (Himalayan spikenard) settles in, followed by the final enchanting notes of styrax, leather + patchouli.

bergamot, ginger, clary sage, saffron
sequoia accord, jatamansi, black tea, incense
patchouli, styrax, leather accord, cocoa powder


perfumer : Bertrand Duchaufour @ Technicoflor

photographerRoger Steffens

close up 

from the inner self to the outside world, from the smallest to the largest, the composition of Close Up revels in contrast + the oscillation between opposites. intense + contrasting, the amber tones combine with a freshness. it has a full bodied character that blends seamlessly with anise + green coffee. zooming in even closer, each ingredient gains in intensity + distinctness.

petit-grain bigarade, absolute tuberose, saffron, 
vetiver essence, papyrus essence, leather, incense
benzoin resin, amber, musk

perfumer : Annick Menardo @ Firmenich

photographer : Suren Manvelyan

chambre noire 

a sensual + mysterious fragrance, Chambre Noire reveals itself from the shadows using the spotlight of the vibrant top note. a fragrance to be shared in the privacy of some far-off hotel room. it reveals its character gradually, exuding sensual notes of leather against a backdrop of warmth + opulence.

jasmine, papyrus, violet, incense, prune
sandalwood, patchouli, musk, vanilla, leather

perfumer : Dorothée Piot @ Robertet

photographerClémence René-Bazin

ombre indigo

a voluptuous + smokey fragrance, Ombre Indigo is the scent of shadow. Ombre Indigo is an enigmatic fragrance; its blend of woods and smoked resins reveals the radiant opulence of tuberose laced with saffron + melts into swirls of papyrus, incense and benzoin. a bright, deep, beguiling + flamboyant sillage.

petit-grain bigarade, absolute tuberose, saffron, 
vetiver essence, papyrus essence, leather, incense
benzoin resin, amber, musk

perfumer : Mylène Alran @ Robertet 

photographer : Gustavo Pellizzon

black collection | eau de perfume

black collection | eau de perfume

black collection | eau de perfume
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